Removal of unplaced prizemoney at Warrnambool

Following recently announced increases to Victorian prizemoney and travel subsidies for the 2022-23 racing season, a review of the current race program and prizemoney structures has been undertaken to ensure a consistent and simplified approach.

In June 2020, the Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club commenced holding bottom-up graded 250+ rank limit Monday afternoon meetings to address uncertainty in the racing program caused by COVID-19 related Victorian travel restrictions and SA border closures. These meetings were added to the program to ensure opportunities to race were available for trainers and greyhounds particularly in the south west of the state during the impacted period.

To support trainers in the region, GRV also implemented the temporary payment of $80 unplaced prizemoney for these meetings.  Initially held fortnightly, this meeting became weekly in September 2020 and has continued to be well supported by trainers as part of the regular weekly race program.

With borders open and travel restrictions no longer in force, and taking into account the recently announced $40 increase in travel subsidy now in effect, the temporary unplaced prizemoney initiative at Warrnambool is clearly inconsistent with all other meetings conducted throughout Victoria.

Following consultation with the Warrnambool GRC, the payment of $80 unplaced prizemoney at Warrnambool’s bottom-up graded 250+ rank limit meetings will cease from 1 September 2022. The first meeting affected is scheduled for Monday 5 September.

GRV’s Racing Department will monitor nominations on an ongoing basis to determine if further changes to programming for these meetings are required to match trainer demand and the greyhound population.

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