Tipping competition raises $27,500 for charity

A charity tipping competition run by thoroughbred stud farm Windsor Park Stud has raised $27,500 for charity.

KidsCan and the Starship Foundation are the beneficiaries, with the money raised split between the two charities.

Gordon Reid took out the competition and in doing so has won a free service to one of Windsor Park’s stallions. 

Windsor Park Stud principal Rodney Schick was delighted with the competition’s success and the amount of money raised for charity.

“We had 1253 entries and we had lots of fun. We raised $27,500 for charity,” he said.

“It was a great day. Gordon, who won the prize, is going to give his half of the money to Starship Hospital and Windsor Park’s part is going to KidsCan.

“The money that we have raised for KidsCan will feed lunches to 37 children for a year, so that is a really good result.

“I thought it was a great charity to get in behind and support.”

Schick said the idea for the competition came from good friend Nick Hewson.

“This competition was the brainchild of a very good friend of mine, Nick Hewson, who has come back from Hong Kong to work for Windsor Park.

“He wasn’t meant to start here until June, but joined our bubble before the lockdown, with his family.

“We had a couple of bottles of red wine one night and he said why don’t we do this.

“He had been involved in a lot of charity events in Hong Kong. He also captained the Hong Kong rugby team over there and had 57 caps for Hong Kong.

“He worked for us when he was 16 right through until he was 21. “I am so stoked the industry has got behind the competition and dug deep for charity.”

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