The Shark – best at Roxburgh today

The Shark heads further into the lower half of the South Island and makes his way to Roxburgh for their one and only meeting as part of the Central Otago Circuit.

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Race 1

2 Fanny Hill: Back from the North Island where she was on fire with some really strong efforts. Should have this field covered from the handy draw.

4 Full Noise: Lovely run first up and will take plenty of improvement from it too. Should be able to get handy enough to be a player in this line up.

3 Rebel Kibbybones: Hasn’t put a foot wrong since well before Cup Week and continues to produce solid efforts another one in the offering here.

1 Spotlight The Valley: Genuine performer who gives 110% each time she steps out on the track. Will follow the speed and run on as well as anything else.

Selections: 2-4-3-1

Race 2

7 Rah De Rah: Got pushed out into the carpark well before he should have at Omakau. Still went good afterwards and a little more luck today will just about get a win.

11 Romanite: Likely to be heading in only one direction and that’s forward – at some point. Not too bad on the first day of the trip so gets a chance again.

1 Shindal: Good follower of speed who gets the coveted ace draw. New look amateur driver in the bike who will be out to make a statement on debut. Can get a slice.

9 Pat Campbell: Kept coming for a solid second at Omakau on Thursday and should follow through onto the speed quite nicely here. Gets a chance.

Selections: 7-11-1-9

Race 3

5 Listen Easy: Trotted onto the speed early and just kept trucking at Omakau. Should look to do the same again and with a good run can be a winning prospect for sure.

1 Richard The Third: Raw talent, but still learning the game and not sure if the one draw is really ideal or not. Have to have in because he is so good.

8 Abadabado: Handy debut in a good field Better for the run and the experience and shouldn’t be too far away here today with a similar performance.

6 Majestic Rollon: Handy effort when getting onto the speed at Gore. Might look to do the same here and could catch them by surprise if left alone.

Selections: 5-1-8-6

Race 4

2 Rakabeach: Into the Brad Williamson barn and nobody has missed it. Meets a very even looking field and with any luck should dominate this.

9 Clifton Jessie: In good form and not always with the best of luck. Small field here really helps the chances and looks a solid each way prospect.

4 Mack Sheer: Got close to a pretty good one last time out and overall form hasn’t been too bad for a race like this where there’s no real form. Have in.

1 Bub’s VC: Long time maiden, but might get the perfect drag along here and with a cold shot at them having done no work can certainly lob a top four finish.

Selections: 2-9-4-1

Race 5

9 Duty Bound: Expecting some sharp improvement from the fresh up run against a far smarter field than this. Needs a few things to pan out, but can win it.

7 Statofortress: First starter from an astute stable with some good workout and trial form on the board. Wide draw, but looks classy enough to play a role in this.

2 Yuko: Has done a nice job in a short career but yet to really fully look like a maiden winner. Gets a golden opportunity today though and with a good run should be right there.

8 Love On The Rocks: Nice efforts in all workouts and trials to ready for this and shouldn’t be too far off them when they settle. Gets a good chance on debut.

Selections: 9-7-2-8

Race 6

1 Delightful GNP: Has been very unlucky in a number of her career starts. But today, from the ace. That’s not likely to happen. Looks the winner.

4 Rakarippa: Four really good runs to open the career and outside of the #1 it’s not a deep field so expect another solid effort.

3 Weren’t Watching: Pretty good on debut really and falls into a very competitive race here if things go to plan. Has to be considered.

2 Better Thana Missus: Has the fitness and the experience on the board and from a good draw should give a very good account in this line up.

Selections: 1-4-3-2

Race 7

5 Standout: Classy pacer back from a spell and good in Cromwell trial Familiar driver sticks with the ship and should be a live chance here in a fresh state.

7 Allaboutjoy: That gallop last time was the first thing she’s done wrong in her career. Maiden win prior was excellent and should be a live hope here.

6 Myrcella: Going good races and hitting the line strongly. Gets a really good opportunity here to make a play for this and can certainly win it.

1 Toby O’Gara: Loves being on the speed and from the draw might be able to jump and run here. That’s the place you want to be around this track.

Selections: 5-7-6-1

Race 8

9 Burnham Boy: Really nice type who was excellent winning at Gore. Should get close to the speed at some point and grind them into the dirt.

8 Just Wondering: Putting in some great efforts but most without much luck. Better than most in this field and with a little luck can win with.

11 Dachy: Been really impressed with his last few runs. They’ve all been excellent and should be able to get around them at some point and give this a good shake too.

10 Bella Sara: Has done a good job this time and gets in here quite nicely. Just needs a good run through from the second line and can make a play here.

Selection: 9-8-11-10

Race 9

10 Spirit Of St Louis: Classy customer who was brave in defeat behind a very smart one last time out. Should be able to get handy and prove to be the one they all need to beat here.

11 Robyns Playboy: The proven performer of the field with an excellent record here. Should be able to make up the 30m quickly and get into it at some point.

4 Enchantee: Good wee mare who hasn’t had the greatest of luck recently. Blair Orange jumps in the bike today so we’re watching.

5 The Guild: Don’t underestimate this one. Good manners and a willing attitude will make him a good chance wherever he goes. Can land on the speed here and be very competitive.

Selections: 10-11-4-5

Race 10

9 Hawaiian Hula: Massive motor but still getting things together in the ringcraft department. A leading contender for sure with good manners.

11 Lisa Marie P: Jump and run sort of type who might leave them chasing a bit here if able to get onto the speed. Could be the surprise packet.

4 Emma Frost: Matty jumps on board and might be trying to invoke some excitement into the race if he can land on the speed. Certainly not the worst.

7 Moniburns: Genuine performer who is never too far away from the action and with any luck today can be a leading player.

Selections: 9-11-4-7

Race 11

2 Jacks N Jazz: Rought and tumble type who is trained here on the track and would be a more than popular victor. Should get on the speed and look to keep them honest.

1 Touche: Better than the last run and should get onto the back of the right horse here and that gives a good chance of getting a slice of the pie.

7 Swift Robyn: Good effort last time only to beaten by the one who’d done no work on the back. Has to be a chance today, even from the draw.

4 Rosinupthebow: Going handily enough recently. Should be able to get close to the speed here and give them all something to think about.

Selections: 2-1-7-4

BEST: 1 Delightful GNP (Race 6)

NEXT: 2 Jacks N Jazz (Race 11)

VALUE: 9 Duty Bound (Race 5)

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