The NCA’s pleasant problem

Victoria’s National Coursing Association is encouraging trainers not to be disheartened by the overwhelming number of nominations at coursing meetings so far this year.

The average number of nominations across the first three coursing meetings of the season has been more than 130, however only 96 greyhounds can gain a start at a standard meeting.

“We are thrilled to see coursing nominations as high as they have been,” said NCA Secretary Sean Lithgow.

“Coursing has never been more popular in my time in the sport and we are thrilled to see it moving from strength to strength with new owners and trainers getting involved.”

Lithgow urged trainers to continue nominating for coursing events.

“The obvious challenge with so many people nominating is that it is proving difficult for some people to get a run with their dogs.”

“The NCA is aware of the numbers and people missing out.”

“Rest assured, the grader has been keeping track of those dogs that have nominated and not got a run.”

“We are trying to ensure those dogs get a run at the next coursing event so please don’t be discouraged.”

Nominations for this Sunday’s coursing meeting at Longwood close at 8.30am Thursday, with the following events on the card…

– Karen Leek Stakes for open level coursing dogs (best eight nominated).
– Four Slips-to-Boxes events for All Aged greyhounds (final at Shepparton 16 July)
– One veterans event for greyhounds over four years of age
– Six events covering maidens and puppies (Born after March 1, 2018)

It is strongly recommended that greyhounds are given two trials up the straight in a day, at least 90 minutes apart, in the weeks leading up to a coursing meeting. Having adequate recovery, nutrition and preparation in between and after runs is also imperative. For more information please watch the video below…

Watch this video for tips on preparing a greyhound for coursing.

For information on trial sessions at coursing venues, please visit the ‘clubs’ pages on the National Coursing Association’s new website:

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