Stridemaster Sectional Stars

Globe Trekker ran the fastest Last 800m for a trotter and Last 400m for either gait when finishing fast for 2nd behind his stablemate. With closing sectionals like that it won’t be long until he finds the winners circle again.

Monrika was the fastest trotter over the Last Mile for the night, finishing 3rd after being three wide for the best part of the last 1400m.

Georgie Zukov & Yuko ran the equal fastest Last 800m on the night. With both horses being maidens it might pay to follow them in the coming weeks. Also of note Yuko ran the 2nd fastest Last 400m of the night by only a few split seconds.

Kruizr ran the fastest Last Mile of the night and was very impressive in doing so. He cruised away for a comfortable victory in what was a very handy field.

Willison was eye catching for the second week in a row when running the fastest Last 800m for a pacer on the night. He came from well back and ran past some handy horses.

Globe Trekker – Last 800m 57.1 & Last 400m 27.6
Monrika – Last Mile 2.01.4
Georgie Zukov & Yuko Last 800m – 57.0
Kruizr – Last Mile – 1.58.0
Willison – Last 400m – 27.7

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