Shaw creates coursing history

This weekend will see Victoria Shaw become the first female in the sport of coursing’s 147-year history to call the Waterloo Cup.

The Melbourne based race caller is ecstatic over the huge honour and cannot wait to see how the event unfolds.

“Coursing is a very important part of building a racing dog and as a race caller it’s a very important part of building your own capacity to deliver a race at a TAB level,” Victoria explains.

This has been Victoria’s first coursing season and she has relished the opportunity to see greyhound racing from a different angle.

“Some tracks give you a better perspective (Sandown is a great example) when you are looking down at the boxes and the lids are about to fly you can see the greyhounds clawing at the ground and you can hear them barking and they want out, they want to chase, they can hear the lure winding up with great excitement.

But to see them with the slipper and the way they come across and their tails are wagging and there is this great alacrity that is clearly visual. I think anyone who questions greyhound racing hasn’t seen how much the animals love it and love the opportunity to get out there and go up in pairs.”

Nominations for the Waterloo Cup close at 12pm today through Fastrack or by calling Racing Services.

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