Racing NSW opens border to some Vic horses

Restrictions over the movement of horses travelling from regional Victoria into NSW have been eased but the ban on horses from Melbourne remains.

Racing NSW announced on Wednesday that it was initiating phase one of the lifting of restrictions on advice from biosecurity experts.

However, protocols surrounding the travel of horses across the border will be strict and thoroughbreds entering the state from Victoria will require prior approval from NSW racing officials.

Horses will be required to go directly to an off-course spelling or pre-training property for at least 48 hours before being allowed on a NSW racetrack or in a licensed stable.

With Melbourne still under stage four lockdown restrictions, the ban on metropolitan horses travelling into NSW remains.

Racing NSW says it will continue to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria before determining when restrictions can be lifted further.

The ban on horses from Melbourne entering NSW has impacted the early spring carnival races with many Sydney trainers reluctant to send their horses south because they are unable to return.

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