Popular greyhound columnist and coursing stalwart lost to the sport

One of the great characters of Victorian greyhound racing, Darryl Embling passed away on Monday at age 64 following a stroke.

Darryl began training greyhounds in the Geelong region before moving to Rokewood and then Cape Clear.

He rose to prominence with his popular ‘Bushwacked’ column in National Greyhound Form newspaper, in which he would highlight various winners from around regional Victoria each week.

Darryl was also the anonymous journalist behind the ‘Man In The Tree’ column, which was always a must-read feature of the publication because of his humorous anecdotes and polarising views.

“Darryl was involved in greyhounds for over 50 years,” said close friend and fellow trainer, Michael Niele.

“He had some handy chasers but he stopped training dogs some time ago.”

“He had been helping me with my greyhounds every day, and he had a heart of gold and would do anything for you.”

Darryl was also heavily involved in greyhound coursing.

“He just loved the dogs and he was a heart and soul coursing man,” Michael added.

“In his early years in greyhound racing he actually worked as a slipper for the old Victorian Coursing Club, which conducted its coursing events at the Geelong horse racing track.”

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