Nice surprise for Team Lithgow

Gotham Princess did it for the ladies at Lang Lang on Sunday when she claimed the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship for Sean and Mel Lithgow.

An unexpected feat heading into the day, especially considering she was up against some talented young lads.

“When it comes to coursing, the size of a greyhounds stride becomes very important and therefore dogs tend to be better coursing greyhounds than the girls,” Sean Lithgow said.

“The girls can get around corners easier because of their frame on a circle track whereas the dogs are able to utilise their larger frame during a course.”

Gotham Princess defeated Bodhi’s Bro Kai in the deciding course doing her mother, coursing royalty Gotham Queen extremely proud.

The Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship is the second coursing event Gotham Princess has won from five coursing outings. It is also the first time a female has claimed the Championship since 2014.

In what was another fantastic day coursing at Lang Lang, Sean believes there are two greyhounds we as coursing fans need to keep a look out for.

Rear View Mirror, a 17-month old son of Bernardo x Tyra Giselle, who won the Maiden event in his second coursing attempt for John Bosnich.

As well as Galway Grange for Delaine Vigor who won the Maiden Bitch event and from all reports a likely Waterloo Cup contender.

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