Lowry looking ahead to new season

Jacob Lowry is eyeing the new season for his return to raceday riding. Photo: Race Images South

While many jockeys will be looking to get back raceday riding later this month, southern hoop Jacob Lowry has set his sights towards the new season for his return.

The 22-year-old rider has struggled with his weight this season and he said his hiatus away from racing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t help the scales.

“I am pretty heavy at the moment, which is to be expected,” Lowry said. “I got up to 65kg, but I am down to about 63.5kg at the moment, but there is still plenty more work to be done yet.

“Whether I ride in July or not, I am not really sure. I’m just chipping away at the weight now, but I would rather come back when I am in a good position, maybe August.”

Lowry enjoyed the break from riding, but he said he was rearing to get back on the track as soon as the country went to alert level 3 last month.

“It’s great to be back riding,” he said. “After all of that time off you usually don’t want to get back to work, but it’s been good being back.

“If anything, the break has really got me motivated to get back riding.”

It was a disappointing season for Lowry who said nothing went particularly to plan, having 12 wins from 152 starts.

“The season was below average for myself, a few things went wrong,” he said.

“I was struggling with my weight the whole season and I didn’t have many breaks. A few horses that I thought could win didn’t quite get there.

“It is something to reflect on and I feel like there is a lot of improvement from the season.”

Looking ahead to the new season, Lowry is excited about reuniting with Group One winner Patrick Erin.

“He had two runs last preparation and both were very good and then we had lockdown, so he couldn’t go on with it,” Lowry said.

“He is looking very well and I am looking forward to riding him next time around.”

The last couple of months have given Lowry time to contemplate his future beyond the saddle and he is looking forward to immersing himself more in the family’s racing and breeding business at White Robe Lodge in Otago.

“The stud farm, the racing stable, the whole lot. It’s a family business, which I am a part of, so I am sure there will be a future there somewhere,” he said.

“Probably more the racing side than the breeding side, but I am included in both areas of it.

“I am pretty happy riding at the moment, but that can be in the cards down the line anyway.”

In the meantime, Lowry said he has been kept busy breaking-in some young stock and concentrating on his return to raceday riding. “At the moment I am breaking in horses and riding work, I am keeping very busy,” he said. “The hard work won’t hurt, it will help get the weight off me.”

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