Ballarat’s Enduro extravaganza!

The forward-thinking Ballarat GRC launches an exciting initiative next month – the Enduro (545m & 660m) / Tier 3 Cup (545m) series.

In a proactive move, the club’s Racing Advisory Committee has received approval and support from GRV to schedule three weeks of 545m and 660m preludes, with the fourth week being a gala finals’ night.

Sheldon Hamilton, on behalf of the BGRC RAC, says the progressive approach is designed to foster middle-distance and staying racing in a month-long series rather than one-off special events.

He adds that the Enduro will bring together some of Victoria’s finest middle-distance and staying exponents during August.

Adding greater interest and support for Tier 3 racing, the club has also scheduled the first-ever Tier 3 Cup and Consolation.

“We may be the only club in Australia that has ever offered and provided opportunity for 20 races greater than 545m over three weeks and then a finals’ night – 2 x 660m; 2 x 545m; 2 x 545m Tier 3 Cup; and 0-4 GDR 660m.” Hamilton said.

To be eligible for a final you must complete in two preludes, with the eight fastest times making one final and the next 16 being consolation.

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